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Revvolutionize Your Fleet With Industry-
Leading AI and Machine Learning.
Don't just collect data, take action.
Revvo collects your tire pressure, temperature, and tread levels 24/7.
Issues are tracked automatically with recommended actions.
Monitor trends across your fleet and get actionable insights to improve tire health, safety, fuel efficiency, and more.
Optimal data insights improve tire life and reduce tire spending.
Prevent tire issues across your entire fleet, no matter the size.
Take targeted, preventative actions to minimize vehicle downtime and tire costs.
How TireIQTM Works


TireIQ processes data from every Revvo-lution of the tire as it impacts the ground. Multiple variables are measured at the point of impact in real-time and processed at the edge on each Revvo sensor.
  • Processes raw sensor data captured at the edge, analyzes it in real-time, and optimizes the result for transmission to the cloud


Revvo’s AI models are built using the best-in-market Revvo Pro SensorTM captured on over 100+ million miles of tire revolutions. Revvo's AI models are trained to detect various states of a tire in different conditions and use cases including passenger vehicle usage, light-duty fleets, and heavy-duty long-haul applications around the world.
  • Feeds data into our AI engine to compare snapshots of tire data against each other, understanding and explaining differences
  • Identifies trends and finds changes in behavior to explain those patterns


TireIQ’s AI models find irregularities, suboptimal performance indicators, and actionable suggestions to improve tire health. Insights are delivered through real-time alerts as well as automated reports to drive improvements to:
  • Reducing Tire Cost
  • Improving Safety
  • Increasing Uptime
  • Improving Compliance
  • Suggests actions to be taken on a tire, vehicle, or fleet to make measurable improvements to your tire operations
  • Predict impact on tire life and operations based on current state and actions to take

What can Revvo do for your fleet?

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