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Revvo is a Premier Partner in the Geotab Marketplace

Native Integration with Geotab: MyGeotab, GO9TM and Geotab Drive app

Fully integrated into MyGeotab and Drive app, with add-ons available. Tire data is captured through Revvo‘s suite of sensors, then collected with other vehicle specific data by Geotab GO9 devices and sent to the Revvo Cloud.

Drive app overlay

Integrate notifications from Revvo onto your Geotab Drive app.

Autoapply into your existing operational models

Run your exception reports and alerts in Geotab using Revvo data.

Dashboard integration with Geotab Add-Ins

Main insights & reports to understand fleet tire impact
View specific alerts on every tire, every vehicle

Geotab Drive app

View tire data from within the Geotab Drive app.
Tire alert notifications appear while vehicle is in motion.
Tire data is accessible when the vehicle is stopped.
Revvo vehicle status integrated within Geotab Drive app.

What can Revvo do for your fleet?

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