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Revvo remains committed to making your entire tire experience easy and informative. Our team is passionate about tires and how to improve their efficiency to ensure a great customer experience.

We have created state-of-the-art technology designed to minimize the stress and guesswork that comes with your tire management to keep your drivers on the road. In addition, we help reduce downtime and the cost of your tire management by helping you know and keep track of the status of your tires at all times.

Most operators are not tire experts and know very little about tire management. More often than not, you only replace your tires once they burst or as an emergency, which could lead to downtime and other inconveniences.

As a result, Revvo developed an automated way to monitor your tires and inform you of the status, predicted life, and other tire management issues. We believe in making the best solutions to help you manage your tires. Our mission is monitoring and safely maximizing the life of all tires on the road. Tire management should join the digital age, so we built a platform to enable this to happen.

The Revvo Founding Principle

Revvo’s founding principle has always been data is the key to unlocking actionable insight. Hence, our technology combines cutting-edge internet of things (IoT) sensors, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and extensive tire research to create a state-of-the-art tire data platform.

The platform helps you and your drivers know the status of your tires and the predicted remaining life. It makes you tire management objective, trustworthy, and stress-free.

Our real-time remote tire management solution provides visibility into the condition and status of your vehicle’s tires. It makes your tires smart and connected using technology, allowing your drivers and operators to increase vehicle uptime, improve road safety, and optimize operational efficiency.

How the Revvo Smart Tire Technology Works

At Revvo, we have made our smart tire technology sensor-enabled to monitor tires on the road. We embed our proprietary sensors inside the tire to generate a real-time feed of its performance and condition. The sensors can capture thousands of data points every second once enabled and use the app on the driver’s phone to send the data to the cloud.

After collecting the data, Revvo uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to aggregate the data set and help predict tire tread wear. The software helps fleet operators, managers, and drivers better understand their tires’ overall health, leading to optimized efficiency, increased vehicle uptimes, and improved safety.

Why You Need a Tire Management program

Ensuring every vehicle or truck in your fleet stays in pristine condition is critical for your operations. It’s also the key to providing top-notch, reliable customer service promised to each customer. Therefore, having an intelligent tire program like Revvo gives you access to your fleet’s tire data, helping you continue to stand out in your field.

In the past, managing the lifecycle of your fleet’s tire inventory was time-intensive. It required manual inspection and extensive tracking to ensure your fleet operations ran at full capacity and your vehicles were reliable, safe, and cost-efficient.

Remote management is now possible thanks to Revvo’s AI automated monitoring and tire management program. The software monitors your fleet in real-time, allowing your tires to last longer and remain reliable. It also frees up critical technicians’ time, ensuring reduced operating costs and optimal fleet availability.

Revvo’s new technology is so efficient that it allows you to reduce your fleet’s tire-related problems by 50%. You can also monitor your tires every step of the way for everything from pressure to driver’s behavior.

Longevity is crucial for all fleet operations, and you can ensure it by understanding and measuring key metrics and events in your tires’ lifecycle. Revvo helps fleet managers extend their tire and casings life by 30%.

What’s more, understanding when your fleet requires repairs or replacement helps you plan for the right parts and arrange for tire servicing to improve efficiency and reduce downtime and emergencies.

Why Work for/with Revvo?

Revvo has revolutionized fleet tire management using its smart tire technology. Its predictive data analytics solutions use a sensor-enabled AI software platform to monitor your vehicle tires on the road. At Revvo, our mission is to fuel to make tires smarter to help fuel the transformational shift in the transport industry.
The following are reasons to work for or with Revvo:
We have the best in class technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
We have enterprise-grade software and reporting with real-time alerting
Our smart tire technology works on any tire (it’s brand-agnostic, so it’s not tied to a specific manufacturer)
We have tested our technology on over 20 million miles of road
Our technology remains focused on the customer (fleet operators) and getting them the correct data at the right time to make informed decisions
At Revvo, we are passionate about applying our data science-centric approach to make tire management intelligent, efficient, and cost-effective.

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