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Data rich but insights poor?

Revvo API is the tire management solution that gives TireIQ events, alerts, and insights, passed back as an API endpoint.

Revvo API is for customers who:

Already collect raw tire data from existing sensors
Need insights from collected and stored data
Have a frontend or data repository
Are OEMs seeking to process raw tire data into insights
Want to integrate TireIQ for value-added services

Monitor Tires Effortlessly

Tire pressure
Tire puncture/leak detection
Predicted tread depth
High temperature detection

Tire Pressure

Tread Depth

Critically Low Pressure
Leak Detected
New Insights Available

Reduce Roadside Events

Real-time tire alerts via SMS/Email/API
AI-triggered preventative actions

Manage Your Data Responsibly

Secure and encrypted data
Unlimited user accounts

Developers can check out API documentation at

Revvo API runs on TireIQ, your AI engine for tires, automated 24x7 without human intervention.

Revvo TireIQ is the artificial intelligence engine for tires, guiding fleet managers on tire health, safety, fuel efficiency, and more. It’s the richest dataset available to minimize vehicle downtime and tire costs. Custom dashboards and proactive alerts give you real-time recommendations and reports.

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Monitor Tires Effortlessly
Tire Pressure
Tire Puncture/Leak Detection
Predicted Tread Depth
High Temperature Detection
Automatic Detection of Tire Rotations
Tire Anomaly Detection
Quick Scan Vehicle Tire Conditions
Alerts to Reduce Roadside Events
Real-Time Tire Alerts via SMS/Email/API
Message Forwarding for Tire Vendors on Open Alerts/Actions Needed
AI Triggered Preventative Actions
Vehicle Off Alerts (24x7)
Tire Tread
Wheel Off Alerts
Brake Failure Detections
Tire Overheating
Tire Auto-Detection
Tire Load
Insights for Smarter Decisions
Pre/Post Trip Reporting
Daily Action Reports
Automated Compliance Reports
Geo Location Maintenance
Auto-Calculated ROI Impact
Projected Tire Life Analysis
Automated Tire Action Summary
Advanced Tire Analytics
Driver Behavior Analytics
Manage Your Data Trove Responsibly
Secure and Encrypted Data
Unlimited User Accounts
Tire Data Logging
Tire Inventory & Performance Data Repository

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