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Data rich but insights poor?
Put Revvo to work on your tire data.

What is Revvo LITE?

The power of TireIQ™ behind the Revvo Dashboard, a full management, report, and alert solution.
Connect your existing tire data via API to Revvo’s AI engine, TireIQTM and receive back events, alerts, and insight generation passed back as an API endpoint.
Best for
  • Fleets that want to operationalize their tires with a tire mangement dashboard, automated, reporting, and smart alerting.
  • TireIQTM insights from existing raw tire data
  • Easily connect tires via existing TPMS or third party tire sensors
  • OEMs that want to operationalize raw tire data with TireIQTM event detection, smart alerting, and dashboards

Revvo LITE Solution

Process your existing data from third party sensors or OEM sensors with TireIQTM and receive insights, alerts, and reports with the Revvo Dashboard.

Third Party Sensors/OEM


Alerts, Reports, Dashboards


The Most Sophisticated Tire Management AI. TireIQ™ leverages millions of miles worth of proprietary data captured across all types of tires and vehicles to provide predictive and actionable insights for each tire in a customer's fleet.
  • Automatically notify tire vendors of tires needing service
  • Automatic detection of services on tires (repair, replace, inspect)
  • Recommend actions to maximize each tire's life
  • Project tire pull points for planned replacements
  • Recommend actions to reduce CPM
  • Prediect remaining life for each tire (miles remaining)
  • Alert in real-time tire issues
  • Automatic detection of tire rotations

Revvo Alerts, Reports, Dashboard

Revvo’s Dashboards allow users to view, track, and investigate every tire in the fleet all from one place from the desktop to the smartphone.

Alerts & Reports

Revvo alerts via SMS, email, slack, or API for any tire with critical issues.

Review structured reports or receive as an email PDF for Pre & Post Trips, Morning Service Report, Tires Needing Action, and more - daily, weekly, or customized to a teams needs.

Tire Investigator

Use Revvo’s tools like Tire Investigator to Investigate and share what happened to a tire with actual data either at your computer or on the go.

Revvo LITE Features

For users in need of an interface to operationalize existing data. Revvo LITE provides all the functionality of Revvo’s API with a full operational management dashboard, report, and alert solution.
Included Revvo API Features
  • Tire Pressure
  • Tire Puncture/Leak Detection
  • Tire Event
  • Reduce Roadside Events
  • Real-Time Tire Alerts*
  • Predicted Tread Depth*
  • High Temperature Detection*
  • Secure and Encrypted Data
  • Unlimited User Accounts
Revvo LITE Features
  • Message Forwarding for Tire Vendors on Open Alerts/Actions Needed
  • Quick Scan Vehicle Tire Conditions
  • Tire Data Logging
  • Tire Inventory and Performance Data Repository
  • Quick-Logging Actions
  • Tire Anomaly Detection
  • Pre/Post Trip Reporting
  • Daily Action Reports
  • Real-time alerts via SMS/Email/API
  • Automated Compliance Reports
  • Automated Tire Action Summary
  • AI Triggered Preventative Actions
  • Geo Location Maintenance
  • ROI Impact Automatically Calculated by TireIQ
  • Tire Life

What Our Customers Say

Gwinnett County Public Schools

County, Government Fleet
Having this type of real time visibility was great, and provided a level of confidence knowing low pressure or flat tires would never escape us.
Brinston Williams, Fleet Manager, Gwinnett County Public Schools, GA

Angell Parcel

Last Mile Delivery
So far while using the Revvo, we have not grounded a vehicle for any tire issues.
Nathan, Fleet Maintenance Planner, Angell Parcel

Timestamp Logistics

Last Mile Delivery
Using Revvo has streamlined how we do the inspections for tires. It saves the fleet manager a lot of time and he can quickly fix the tires that have low tire pressure.
Sanjay, Timestamp Logistics LLC, Chicago, IL

CED Scottsdale

Last Mile Delivery
I am certain that deploying Revvo on our trucks will ensure a higher level of safety within our fleet and let us take action on tire issues before they turn into larger, more expensive events.
Jakob Derheim, CED Scottsdale
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