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Revvo CONNECT is the most advanced smart tire solution in the market, combining TireIQTM, alerts, reports, dashboards, & a suite of sensors.

CONNECT is for customers who are:

Fleets wanting advanced 24/7 tire monitoring & analytics
Fleets needing sensors to outfit their tires
OEMs wanting to capture tire behaviors at scale

Tire Connectivity Options

Revvo CONNECT includes Revvo's best-in-class tire sensor options that provide enhanced data collection and enable TireIQ's most advanced features.

Monitor Tires Effortlessly

Tire pressure
Tire puncture/leak detection
Predicted and measured tread depth
High temperature detection
Tire anomaly detection
Quick scan vehicle tire conditions

Reduce Roadside Events

Real-time tire alerts via SMS/Email/API
Message forwarding for tire vendors on open alerts/actions/needed
AI-triggered preventative actions

Mobile Dashboard

Full visbility and tracking while on the go using our mobile-optimized web interface.

Insights for Smarter Decisions

Pre/post trip reporting
Daily action reports
Automated compliance reports
Geo location maintenance
Auto-calculated ROI impact
Projected tire life analysis
Automated tire action summary

Manage Your Data Responsibly

Secure and encrypted data
Unlimited user accounts
Tire data logging
Tire inventory and performance data repository

Customers Are Seeing These Benefits


Reduced tire-related events by


On-road tire failures reduced by

Fuel Efficiency


Tire Life


Customers Thriving with Revvo CONNECT

Central Fleet Management

City, Government Fleet
Due to the quick notifications of blowouts or flat tires, we are able to notify the department and quickly bring the trucks in for repairs. Obviously, this allows us to prevent the truck from staying out putting more load on the other tires which could create even further hazards.
Heavy Duty Technician, City of Chesapeake, Central Fleet Management, Chesapeake, VA

City of Chesapeake

City, Government Fleet
We suspected the tire failure was caused by overheating of the tire but had no way of confirming that until Revvo’s detailed analysis showed us the multiple instance of tire overheating, even capturing the moment the tire failed.
Chuck Brooks, Heavy Duty Shop Supervisor, Central Fleet Management, Chesapeake, VA

Quality Control Logistics (QCL)

Over the Road, Tractor
Wow! I knew Revvo’s technology was innovative, but I had no idea just how quickly it would make a positive impact. I wonder how many more of my tires have operated like this in the past without knowing.
Lindsey, Owner, Quality Control Logistics, Charlotte, NC

DC Water

Utility, Government Fleet
We are excited about being able to see our tire condition in real-time, in particular when it comes to vehicles out in the field, this will allow us to get ahead of issues before they become a major event and expense.
Tim, Fleet Director for DC Water, Washington, D.C.

Solid Waste Fleet

City, Government Fleet
Ensuring that tires are at optimal PSI and repaired as soon as possible is more important now than ever. Our retreaded is now requiring at least a two week lead time to deliver tires to us that are in short supply anyway. Oftentimes this leaves us no alternative but to install new tires in place of retreads, costing us double every time we do that.
Jason, Fleet Supervisor, City of Lakeland Fleet Management

Harding University

Private, University Fleet
New technology always comes with uncertainty, but Revvo’s tire monitoring system has proven itself to be dependable and trustworthy.
Wayne, Harding University

Revvo CONNECT runs on TireIQ, your AI engine for tires, automated 24x7 without human intervention.

Revvo TireIQ is the artificial intelligence engine for tires, guiding fleet managers on tire health, safety, fuel efficiency, and more. It’s the richest dataset available to minimize vehicle downtime and tire costs. Custom dashboards and proactive alerts give you real-time recommendations and reports.

How does TireIQ work?

Revvo collects your tire pressure, temperature, and tread levels 24/7.
Issues are tracked automatically with recommended actions.
Optimal data insights improve tire life and reduce tire spending.
Prevent tire issues across your entire fleet, no matter the size.

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Monitor Tires Effortlessly
Tire Pressure
Tire Puncture/Leak Detection
Predicted Tread Depth
High Temperature Detection
Automatic Detection of Tire Rotations
Tire Anomaly Detection
Quick Scan Vehicle Tire Conditions
Alerts to Reduce Roadside Events
Real-Time Tire Alerts via SMS/Email/API
Message Forwarding for Tire Vendors on Open Alerts/Actions Needed
AI Triggered Preventative Actions
Vehicle Off Alerts (24x7)
Tire Tread
Wheel Off Alerts
Brake Failure Detections
Tire Overheating
Tire Auto-Detection
Tire Load
Insights for Smarter Decisions
Pre/Post Trip Reporting
Daily Action Reports
Automated Compliance Reports
Geo Location Maintenance
Auto-Calculated ROI Impact
Projected Tire Life Analysis
Automated Tire Action Summary
Advanced Tire Analytics
Driver Behavior Analytics
Manage Your Data Trove Responsibly
Secure and Encrypted Data
Unlimited User Accounts
Tire Data Logging
Tire Inventory & Performance Data Repository

What can Revvo do for your fleet?

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