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Revvo Is Now Integrated With the Geotab Marketplace

Revvo Technologies, offering the leading AI-driven tire management solution for fleet operations, has partnered with the Geotab Marketplace.

Revvo Technologies
July 20, 2023

San Mateo, CA, SEPT. 18, 2022 — Revvo, a leading AI-driven tire management solution for fleet operators, has integrated with the Geotab Marketplace, a platform offering solutions for companies wanting to improve their fleet productivity and compliance. Revvo’s automated tire management system allows fleet owners to extend the life of every tire through automated reporting, predictive monitoring and a real-time notifications system.

The Revvo tire management system provides various artificial intelligence (AI) applications to lower the cost per mile (CPM) for fleet organization owners. 

Revvo delivers actionable tire insights to current Geotab users in two ways. For users who already have vehicle and tire pressure data being sent to the MyGeotab platform, Revvo remotely processes this data using TireIQ™ in real-time and manages tire related actions automatically.  For users whose vehicles require tire sensing, Revvo natively integrates with Geotab GO devices to transmit tire data from its Smart Tire Sensors to user’s MyGeotab directly.  

Revvo provides a range of services and data, including the information needed to help ensure safety, compliance and tire longevity. 

  • The Revvo TireIQ ™ AI event engine records tire pressures and telematics data for predictive alerts
  • Revvo’s platform connects to tire service providers to keep track of repairs
  • When a service provider resolves an issue, the data is captured and reported by Revvo
  • Revvo PRO sensors provide native integration with Geotab GO devices
  • Revvo tire data is reported live on the MyGeotab platform and includes alerts, reports and suggested actions
  • Revvo also captures data for tire identification, tread life, load detection and driver behavior

Revvo’s tire maintenance and tracking software platform is a 24/7 system allowing remote monitoring for every fleet vehicle. All tire issues are tracked, and corrective actions taken are reported when issues are resolved. Fleet managers have numerous features available to them, including:

  •  Pre/post trip reports 
  • Analysis by time, type of vehicle, tire configurations and possible tire issues
  • Customized alerts for teams by the time of day, type of vehicle and geofence to yards or shops 
  • Mobile friendly input of completed tasks such as inspections, tire rotations, adjusted tire pressures, repairs or tire replacements

The Revvo tire management solution works for any sized fleet operation, from businesses with thousands of vehicles and a national presence to regional organizations with several vehicles. After tracking over 50 million miles, The company reports significant savings and decreased CPM through its TireIQ™.

Fleet operators who are already subscribed to Geotab can utilize Revvo’s tire solutions, allowing them to save money and improve fleet performance. 

The Geotab Marketplace allows fleet software solution companies such as Revvo to integrate with Geotab’s telematics platform, providing fleet managers and owners with a host of solutions to decrease CPM and increase profits. Revvo creates smart tires with its sensors and ML software, adding a valuable tool to the Geotab Marketplace offerings. 

“Our partnership with Geotab has been driven by our mutual customers seeking automated tire data in the screens and flow they already use for the rest of their fleet.  The fact that Revvo sensors can now send data directly to GO devices and Revvo’s TireIQ can process data directly from MyGeotab instances is really exciting for our mutual users looking to maximize uptime and labor efficiency, while reduce their spend on tires.” said Sunjay Dodani, CEO of Revvo Technologies. 

“We are delighted to welcome Revvo to the Geotab Marketplace,” said Scott Sutarik, Vice President of Commercial Vehicle Solutions at Geotab. “This integration will enable customers to improve fleet performance by extending the lives of their tires, while reducing costs through predictive monitoring and real-time tire management solutions.” 

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About Revvo:  Revvo is a real-time remote tire management solution that provides visibility into the status and condition of a vehicle’s tires by making them smart and connected. This allows operators and drivers to increase vehicle uptime, optimize operational efficiency and improve safety.

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Revvo Technologies

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