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What is Revvo?

Revvo is the solution to connect, monitor, and manage vehicle tires - automatically and remotely.
Revvo uses TireIQ, the Artificial Intelligence Engine for tires, to enable tire service providers, fleets, and individuals to take proactive action on tires before they cause downtime or damage.

Automate Your Tire Management

Monitor your fleet 24/7/365 and track every tire issue in real time. AI-powered predictions and recommendations deliver proactive actions and identify tires that can reduce your cost per mile and maximize tire life.

AI Powered Predictive Insights

TireIQTM leverages millions of miles worth of proprietary data captured across all types of tires and vehicles to provide predictive and actionable insights for each tire in a customer's fleet.

Core Features + ROI

  • Remote Tread Detection
  • Auto Locate of Revvo Sensors
    (no programming needed)
  • Intelligent Leak Detection
  • EV and Fuel Range Impacts
  • Real-Time Actual CPM


Fewer Grounded Vehicles


Increase Tire Life


Improved Vehicle Safety


Improved Fuel Economy


Improved Sustainability (GHG)


Improved Tech Time

Putting Revvo to Work

Revvo collects tire data, analyzes it with TireIQ, and delivers it in the interface that works for you. Learn more on how we do each stage below:


What is TireIQTM?

TireIQTM is Revvo's industry leading AI for tire management. Tire data is analyzed using millions of miles of tire data for predictive analytics, insights, and reporting.
Learn How TireIQTM Can Revvolutionize Your Fleet
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Revvo in Action

Solid Waste

City of Long Beach

March 2023

“Revvo was right, the tire is shredded according to the driver and he didn’t even notice it. We are on our way out there to replace the tire on the spot. Appreciate the heads up, it avoided the driver getting on the freeway with a full load.”
Truck & Trailer

Class 8 Truck Fleet


This case study focuses on a large food and beverage company with a nationwide distribution network, utilizing a fleet of Class 8 trucks to transport their products.

Harding University

February 2022

"The scariest aspect of this is that without Revvo, I would have never known that I had tire issues and I hate to think of what might have happened if I had never known”

What Our Customers Say

Timestamp Logistics

Last Mile Delivery
Using Revvo has streamlined how we do the inspections for tires. It saves the fleet manager a lot of time and he can quickly fix the tires that have low tire pressure.
Sanjay, Timestamp Logistics LLC, Chicago, IL

Solid Waste Fleet

City, Government Fleet
Ensuring that tires are at optimal PSI and repaired as soon as possible is more important now than ever. Our retreaded is now requiring at least a two week lead time to deliver tires to us that are in short supply anyway. Oftentimes this leaves us no alternative but to install new tires in place of retreads, costing us double every time we do that.
Jason, Fleet Supervisor, City of Lakeland Fleet Management

Quality Control Logistics (QCL)

Over the Road, Tractor
Wow! I knew Revvo’s technology was innovative, but I had no idea just how quickly it would make a positive impact. I wonder how many more of my tires have operated like this in the past without knowing.
Lindsey, Owner, Quality Control Logistics, Charlotte, NC

Harding University

Private, University Fleet
New technology always comes with uncertainty, but Revvo’s tire monitoring system has proven itself to be dependable and trustworthy.
Wayne, Harding University

Gwinnett County Public Schools

County, Government Fleet
Having this type of real time visibility was great, and provided a level of confidence knowing low pressure or flat tires would never escape us.
Brinston Williams, Fleet Manager, Gwinnett County Public Schools, GA

DC Water

Utility, Government Fleet
We are excited about being able to see our tire condition in real-time, in particular when it comes to vehicles out in the field, this will allow us to get ahead of issues before they become a major event and expense.
Tim, Fleet Director for DC Water, Washington, D.C.

City of Chesapeake

City, Government Fleet
We suspected the tire failure was caused by overheating of the tire but had no way of confirming that until Revvo’s detailed analysis showed us the multiple instance of tire overheating, even capturing the moment the tire failed.
Chuck Brooks, Heavy Duty Shop Supervisor, Central Fleet Management, Chesapeake, VA

Central Fleet Management

City, Government Fleet
Due to the quick notifications of blowouts or flat tires, we are able to notify the department and quickly bring the trucks in for repairs. Obviously, this allows us to prevent the truck from staying out putting more load on the other tires which could create even further hazards.
Heavy Duty Technician, City of Chesapeake, Central Fleet Management, Chesapeake, VA

CED Scottsdale

Last Mile Delivery
I am certain that deploying Revvo on our trucks will ensure a higher level of safety within our fleet and let us take action on tire issues before they turn into larger, more expensive events.
Jakob Derheim, CED Scottsdale

Angell Parcel

Last Mile Delivery
So far while using the Revvo, we have not grounded a vehicle for any tire issues.
Nathan, Fleet Maintenance Planner, Angell Parcel

What can Revvo do for your fleet?

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