Welcome to the [Revvo]lution.

At Revvo, our mission is to monitor and to safely maximize the life of every tire on the road.

Our vision is to enable the future of smart transportation to keep every driver and passenger safe.

How we do it



We capture data about every rotation of a tire including inflation pressure, temperature, and other critical information from embedded tire sensors, onboard vehicle systems, and other data sources.



The data is transmitted to the Revvo Cloud where it is processed in real-time using machine learning models.



Notifications alert both drivers and fleet operators of actions needed to ensure that their vehicles’ tires are safe and compliant for the road.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our software platform leverages AI and machine learning models to better predict tire tread life. Our models explain "why" tires wear from changing road conditions to driver behaviors to vehicle dynamics.


Optimize your fleet operations


Lower operating costs
Minimize costs with automated tire diagnostics, preventative maintenance alerts, and increased life for each tire in your fleet.


Reduce vehicle downtime
Never miss critical repairs again. Alerts help you avoid costly and disruptive unplanned repairs and improve routine inspections.


Gain visibility
View data directly from each vehicles’ tires to proactively spot issues. Quickly identify vehicles in need of service to protect vehicle and tire health.


Protect your assets
Keep your most valuable assets safe: drivers, vehicles, and cargo. Gain peace of mind by staying on top of your vehicles' tire health to ensure safety.

Tire Management Platform For All Industries

With our platform, Revvo provides fleet operators with visibility into one of the most expensive consumables for any vehicle fleet.

Passenger transit
Local and state government
Field services
And more

Are you building the next generation of autonomous vehicles?

The shift in mobility is happening now through fast-paced innovation in autonomous and self-driving vehicle technology. With our platform, vehicles can use real-time tire data to make better decisions and unlock new insights that were hiding in plain sight.

By utilizing the Revvo technology platform, you can optimize the performance of your AV fleet to make them even smarter and more reliable.

Let us help you achieve your goals.

Our team at Revvo is extremely passionate about applying a data science-centric approach to advancing tire technology.

Our Story

Revvo was founded in 2018 in Silicon Valley by Sunjay Dodani and Andrew Ko. Their experience in building products to extract and analyze unstructured data sets, coupled with their passion for mobility, led them down a path to solve a problem for a product that most people see every day but don’t think twice about: tires.

That same year, the team accepted a position in the Techstars Mobility Accelerator program based in Detroit, Michigan, a city that is best known for its deep automotive and mobility history.

If you’re interested in joining us on this incredible journey, we’re looking for talented individuals who want to make a direct impact on the future of smart transportation. We’re looking for the changemakers that fail fast, learn quickly, and who are genuinely curious and passionate about solving important problems.


From here the story is just getting started. So let’s get rolling.