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Turn your tire data into action items, insights, service requests, and more.

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What is Revvo?

Revvo uses TireIQTM, the Artificial Intelligence Engine for tires, to lower your tire CPM through predictive monitoring, real-time alerting, and automated reports.


Take action before vehicle downtime occurs.


Monitor trends across your fleet and get actionable insights to improve tire health, safety, fuel efficieny, and more.


Collect data from your tires using built-in telematics, existing sensors, or our sensors.

Automate Your Tire Management


Track Your Fleet's Tires 24/7 in real-time

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Your data is monitored and analyzed in the cloud

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Automated alerts for action items and insights

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Learn How TireIQTM Can Revvolutionize Your Fleet

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Revvo Dashboard

Automate Your Tire Management

24/7 visibility and remote monitoring of every tire in your fleet.
Track Every Tire Issue and corresponding corrective actions.

Maximize tire life to Reduce Cost Per Mile through targeted recommended actions.

Run Pre/post trip reports and conduct analysis by time, vehicle types, tire types, tire issues.
Customize alerts by team role, time of day, type of vehicle, geofence to yards or shops
Standardize best practices and operational rules throughout the fleet


The Most Sophisticated Tire Management AI

TireIQTM leverages millions of miles worth of proprietary data captured across all types of tires and vehicles to provide predictive and actionable insights for each tire in a customer's fleet.
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Automatically notify tire vendors of tires needing service
Automatic detection of services on tires (repair, replace, inspect)
Recommend actions to maximize each tire's life
Project tire pull points for planned replacements
Recommend actions to reduce CPM
Predict remaining life for each tire (miles remaining)
Alert in real-time tire issues
Automatic detection of tire rotations


Our Dashboards or Yours

Don't see the partner integration you're looking for? Contact us. We can create custom integrators with ERP providers, warehouse management vendors, and many other types of solution providers.

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TireIQTM is Revvo's Machine Learning and Tire Event Detection Engine.

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Connect Your Tires

Enabling intelligence from any tire for every need

To Any Platform


Fleet Management Systems


Comprehensive Dashboard


Integrate with Anything

Automate Your Tire Management


Access the core of Revvo's Automated Tire Management platform using onboard vehicle sensors, telematics and TireIQTM's AI to manage tires.
Best suited for light duty vehicles, Last-mile, and vehicles with TPMS.
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The most advanced connected tire solution on the market.
Leveraging Revvo's proprietary Tire Mounted Sensors and TireIQTM, access highly accurate data in real-time for every tire in the fleet.
Well suited for fleets with a need for high accuracy and visibility as well as all classs 6 and class 8 vehicles.
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Connected API

The most sophisticated tire management solution customized to any fleet operation. Whether its thousands of assets, mixed light duty and heavy duty, nationwide presence, or regionally domiciled, Revvo Enerprise can be tailored to fit the organizations need to maximize tire life, safety, and visitiblity.
Revvo Enterprise provides all the benefits of Revvo LITE and PRO to fleets requiring a customized tire management solution.
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Predicted Tread Depth
Tire Pressure
Tire Temperature
Real-time Tire Alerts
Automated Compliance Reports
Projected Tire Life
AI Triggered Preventative Actions
Automated Tire Action Summary
Tire Anomaly Detection
Geo Location Maintenance
Secure and Encrypted Data
Unlimited User Accounts
Vehicle-Off Alerts (24/7 monitoring)
Vehicle Load
Remote Tread Depth
Advanced Tire Analytics
Custom Application and Dashboard
Driver Behavior Analysis
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Revvo integrates with many of the platforms and systems you already use to manage your fleet.
3,800+ Integrations

Don't see the partner integration you're looking for? Contact us. We can create custom integrators with ERP providers, warehouse management vendors, and many other types of solution providers.

What can Revvo do for your fleet?

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