Real-time remote tire management.

Complete visibility.

Revvo helps fleets make better decisions when it comes to tire management by providing real-time visibility through smart and connected tires.

Prevent tire problems before they happen.


Vehicles with bald or improperly maintained tires are 3x more likely to be involved in a crash


The average cost of an accident for a passenger fleet vehicle


Tires are the highest expense for fleets after fuel

Safety and Uptime

Reduce tire-related incidents by running on safe tires.

Stop relying on drivers to tell you the condition of a vehicle's tires. Revvo provides actionable insights to ensure every vehicle in your fleet is running on safe tires.


Not just safer. More efficient, too.

Revvo identifies all the critical factors that affect a tire's tread life. By understanding key events, you can take action to ensure that every tire is optimized for maximum life.


Streamline manual tire checks.

Revvo automates the manual inspection process and eliminates the human error of capturing tire data. Free up your technicians to do more valuable work.

Accountability and Compliance

A lot can happen in between inspections.

Almost all tire issues occur on the road where there is no visibility into what is happening.

Revvo captures data on each rotation of every tire in your fleet giving you a complete tire history.


How It Works

Easy installation. Artificial intelligence-enabled cloud. Better tire management.

Tire related data is captured from Revvo sensors placed inside a tire and from sources such as telematics and onboard vehicle systems.

Revvo sensors wirelessly transmit data to the cloud-connected Revvo gateway installed on a vehicle.

Revvo’s cloud uses machine learning to analyze raw data and generate actionable insights.

Cloud delivered insights are sent to the Revvo web interface, SMS, email, integrated into other FMIS's or API's.

Current and upcoming product features

Customized Alerts

Real-time alerts to users on critical tire events like abnormal tire wear, slow leaks, blowouts, high temperatures - sent via SMS, email, or API.

Tread Life Prediction

Artificial intelligence that determines how much further each tire can go safely based on data captured from tire, vehicle usage, and drivers.

Real-time Tire Status

Connected tires providing operators the necessary information to ensure vehicles are on safe and performant tires.

Automated tire inspections

Automated capture of tire data for pre & post trip tire inspections and preventive maintenance (PM) efforts.

Load Detection

Real-time alerts & historical reporting for tires with excessive load. Know when a tire is at risk of being overloaded.

Driver behavior

Understand the impact of aggressive driving on each tire. See the effects caused by hard acceleration, braking, cornering, and impacts.

Tire Maintenance Recommendations

Real-time actions on what and when to service tires, delivered to operators to maximize tire life and safety.

Tire Identification

Repository of tire OEM data, open recalls, install date, current tire position, and more for all active tires.

Historical lookup

Touchpoint report for each tire in the fleet, detailing health & status, install date, and all service performed on each tire.

Seamless integrations.
Your platform, your choice.


Revvo has built API's that allow you to integrate important tire data from our platform into the system of your choice.

We believe that customers should have a choice in how and where they access their information to avoid technology overload.


Ready to get started?

Join the next generation of data-driven fleet operators in making informed tire management decisions.

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