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TireIQ Tales: City of Lakeland

August 23, 2023
Revvo Technologies

“Revvo is quick to catch and alert us of tire issues, often preventing greater expenses and downtime.”

Jason, Fleet Supervisor, City of Lakeland Fleet Management

Keeping trucks on the road is always a difficult task for any fleet, but keeping tires in optimal condition is even harder, in particular for a solid waste fleet. One key challenge related to suboptimal tire pressure on solid waste trucks is the rapid increase in tire temperatures. 

Front right tire showing optimal tire inflation with lower temperatures.

With the deployment of Revvo months ago, Lakeland Fleet Management can quickly identify tire issues related to pressure and also identify issues that compound the impact of suboptimal tire pressure, tire temperature.

 In the past Lakeland has experienced catastrophic tire failures resulting in dangerous situations while in operation.

Front left tire showing rapid tire deflation with temperature spiking up.

Having Revvo deployed for several months now, the technicians as well as supervisors understand the inverse relationship between pressure and temperature: optimal tire pressure equals lower tire temperatures…while air pressure significantly under optimal air pressure equals a quick spike of tire temperature resulting in at the very least, a tire that cannot be retreaded. A tire that cannot be retreaded results in the replacement cost of that tire increasing by at about 250%.

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