Revvo in Solid Waste

Vehicles are a vital investment in the solid waste industry. They are essential for the right collection, transportation, and solid waste disposal. After buying these vehicles, may it be wheel loaders, dump trucks, or excavators, it is important to ensure that you take care of and maintain each of their components. One component that most managers forget is the tires. 

They are arguably the most important component of your solid waste vehicle. After all, these tires are what allows your fleet vehicle to roll down the road. At Revvo, we aim to make your tire management easy through our AI automated monitoring system. It will enable real-time monitoring of everything about your vehicle’s tires, including pressure, tread wear, and many other important data points. This will allow your vehicle tires to last longer and be more reliable.

Please keep reading to find out how our monitoring system helps you decrease cost and increase efficiency within your business

Case Study - Long Beach

"Revvo was right, the tire is shredded according to the driver and he didn’t even notice it. "
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Case Study - Orlando

How the City of Orlando Improved Tire Management using Revvo's Smart Tire Platform.
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Reduced Roadside Service Calls

According to Heavy Duty Trucking magazine statistics, tires are the reason for more than 50% of roadside breakdowns. This breakdown is even higher for vehicles in the solid waste industry, as they are always on the road. With every breakdown, there is always a service call that costs you money and time.

Our tire monitoring system saves you all this as it helps you understand when your tires need repair, replacement, or service and have the right parts available. Additionally, our digital tire management system allows you to check your fleet tire pressure before it leaves for the day, potentially eliminating a flat tire call on the side of the road.

Be more compliant (pre-trips, post-trips)

According to a report by the FMCSA, 15% of tire-related roadside events in most industries happen due to people not complying with the needed pre-or post-trip inspection. The solid waste industry is no exception. Making sure your drivers complete pre-trip and post-trip inspections can be challenging, especially if you use paper-based inspection.

Paperwork inspection can be time-consuming, and issues can’t be easily reported to fleet managers promptly, resulting in vehicle downtime. Revvo helps you as a fleet manager or owner to be more compliant during pre and post-trip inspections. Our TPMS makes it easy to monitor the pressure of your vehicle and ensure that you inflate them properly before it leaves the yard and when they get into the yard.

Extend the life of tire casings

In the solid waste industry, irregular wear is one of the main reasons for early tire replacement, and underinflation is often a contributing factor. This inflation results from worn valve stems and temperature changes which increase the amount of pressure loss. Also, it comes from nail holes gotten when waste hauling.

With Revvo, you can ensure proper tire pressure, significantly extending the tire’s usable life. Our TPMS allows you to monitor your fleet vehicle pressure. This way, you can retread them more often rather than replace them, which is more expensive. Also, it helps you keep your fleet vehicle with inflated tires at all times, making them last longer saving you money and other resources.

Bottom Line

When in the solid waste industry, Revvo is an essential system that you can’t afford to ignore. It is among the most important safety systems in your vehicles, aside from the seatbelt. Knowing that a system is monitoring your entire vehicle, from tire pressure to the driver’s behaviour, provides a sense of security. It gives confidence that drivers will make it to their destination without mishaps. Check out Revvo’s Tire Management Platform today and elevate how you manage your solid waste business.

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