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TireIQ Tales: Low PSI and High Temperature

Over the last several years, Revvo has collected billions of data points from tires in operation, and the connection is quite clear – when a tire drops in pressure, temperature [...]
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TireIQ Tales: City of Lakeland

“Revvo is quick to catch and alert us of tire issues, often preventing greater expenses and downtime.” Jason, Fleet Supervisor, City of Lakeland Fleet Management Keeping trucks on the road [...]
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Top Tips on How to Manage Tires for Optimal Miles

Owning a fleet means more than just having the option to use it whenever, wherever. Maintaining vehicles requires time, dedication, and money.  According to statistics, in 2021, U.S. citizens spent [...]
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Benefits of a Tire Management System

Preventive maintenance means caring for your vehicle and expanding its lifespan. And just like any other part of the vehicle, tires require care to take you safely to your destination. [...]
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Types of Fleet Vehicles

A fleet vehicle belongs to a company, corporation, or government body and is used to transport goods or offer services. Around 23 million vehicles were made for commercial use worldwide [...]
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