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Fleet Highlight: Aeolus Tire and Driver Alerts

September 25, 2023
Revvo Technologies

“Being able to alert drivers of tire problems is critical because not all drivers are a part of larger organizations with 24/7 dispatch centers.”


Aeolus Tire was mid-flight with a Revvo Pilot when they requested that Revvo create an ability for their drivers to be informed of tire status and tire alerts, not a feature that was currently available.

Revvo enabled a driver interface where drivers can enter in their cell phone number to receive an predesignated critical alerts while the tractors were in operation, or even parked. 

Oftentimes, trucks that are driven by smaller freight companies do not have the luxury of having a 24 hour dispatch team that can help monitor any critical tractor conditions, in particular tires. Revvo’s Driver alerts allow drivers to register to a truck and receive alerts while they are driving that truck. If the following day the drive another Revvo outfitted truck, they can register to that truck for the time they will be driving it.

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