Advanced AI Tire
Management for Fleets

Managing the lifecycle of your fleet's tire inventory used to require extensive tracking and manual inspection to ensure your fleet operations were running at full capacity and that your vehicles were reliable, cost-efficient, and safe. With Revvo's AI automated monitoring, your fleet now will be monitored in real-time, allowing your vehicle tires to last longer and be more reliable, all while freeing up important technicians' time, ensuring optimal fleet availability and reducing cost.

Safety and Uptime

Run your fleet with safer tires

Revvo allows your tires to be monitored in real-time by an always alert AI System to reduce your fleet vehicle tire-related issues by up to 50%. Monitor your tire over every mile of road it travels for everything from tire pressure to driver’s behavior.

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Tire longevity is crucial for fleet operations

By understanding and measuring key events in the lifecycle of a tire, Revvo can help fleet managers extend the life of their tires and casings by up to 30%. Understand when your fleets tires will need repair, replacement, or service and have the right parts available. Ensure your fleet vehicles are available when needed.

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Streamline your tire checks and supercharge your service team

Using Revvo your fleet maintenance technicians will be able to automate the manual tire check process, saving an average of 15% of the time typically needed for a manual inspection. Free your vehicle maintenance team and allow your technicians to focus on more valuable work.

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Accountability and compliance

Real-time monitoring and alerts for your fleet's tires

Revvo alerts your drivers in real-time of a potential problem with the tires of the vehicle. This allows your driver to take appropriate actions to prevent costly damage to the vehicle, and ensure they are vigilant and well informed to avoid dangerous situations for themselves and others.

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