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Benefits of a Tire Management System

November 11, 2022
Revvo Technologies

Preventive maintenance means caring for your vehicle and expanding its lifespan. And just like any other part of the vehicle, tires require care to take you safely to your destination.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there has been a total of 664 tire-related fatalities in 2020 alone. Luckily, new generation tires have a tire sensor, monitored through tire management software, that will alert drivers of any tire flaws.

What is a Tire Management System?

A tire management system monitors the tires at every step, from checking the pressure, detecting possible punctures, following abnormal temperatures, and alerting the driver of potential damage on the horizon. By connecting to a mobile device, it can scan tires to collect and manage tire data.

Advantages of a Tire Management System

Advantages of a Tire Management System

Combining a tire management system and mobile tire scanning offers drivers many benefits and advantages.

A Complete Overview of the Tire Status

It is now easy to track your fleet’s tire health and condition. Simply scan the tire code of every vehicle and get the correct information. A real-time picture of the fleet’s tire status will help avoid possible high-cost repairs.

Get Accurate Data

Debating whether your tires need to be replaced simply by looking at them or using a tire gauge is outdated. Why bother guessing when you can have an intuitive AI get the data for you? Simply scan each tire code when in doubt and get accurate information anytime. The tire management system leaves no room for errors, and the operator can be sure of the collected data.

You can see and monitor the detailed history and current condition of each tire in your fleet. It allows tracking of tire costs, wear, defects, and brand performance.

Control the Maintenance Expenses

This system prevents the risk of dangerous issues caused by tire failure. Operators can accurately track the tire lifecycle simply by scanning the tire code. When done regularly, operators can track the expenses accurately and plan the vehicle and tire maintenance expenses.

Save You Time

The use of the tire management system helps save time by automatically inputting data into the system through the use of a mobile application. No more entering data and codes manually. The tire management system allows faster scanning, saving everyone precious time.

What to Expect

Tire management System sensors are becoming standard equipment in many countries. It alerts drivers of temperature changes in the tire, indicates hazardous road conditions like ice or snow, alerts about tire pressure, a small puncture, and more. The sensors embedded in the rubber layer collect information and provide an immediate alert.

Are tires becoming smart? Yes, with the help of friends like the tire management system. Intelligent tires are the future, and they will probably even service themselves.

Tire Management Software – The Future of Smart Tires

Maximizing the life of every tire in the fleet is now easy with Revvo. Our tire management software allows real-time alerting, predictive monitoring, and automated reports. Every tire experience can be easy and informative with the right partner. Improving tire efficiency is our passion, and we stand by to clarify any of your questions. 

Contact us today and allow us to show you how our state-of-the-art technology can help you never worry again about your tires.

Revvo — Your AI Tire Management Solution

Reducing friction isn’t just between tire and road, but between data collection and analysis. With rich analytics from AI such as Revvo’s TireIQ, fleet managers are finding ways to improve performance, safety, and uptime on the road. The result is lower costs for fleets of all types.

Looking to increase your performance, safety and uptime? With analysis from 375 billion data points, Revvo is ready to share useful insights for your fleet. See a demo today.

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