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TireIQ is your AI-powered engine for tires, automated 24x7 without human intervention.

Revvo TireIQ is the artificial intelligence engine for tires, guiding fleet managers on tire health, safety, fuel efficiency, and more. It’s the richest dataset available to minimize vehicle downtime and tire costs. Custom dashboards and proactive alerts give you real-time recommendations and reports.

How does TireIQ work?

Revvo collects your tire pressure, temperature, and tread levels 24/7.
Issues are tracked automatically with recommended actions.
Optimal data insights improve tire life and reduce tire spending.
Prevent tire issues across your entire fleet, no matter the size.


375 billion tire rotations securely collected

Works with any tire on any vehicle.

Data measured real-time, and processed at the edge.

Captures tread, pressure, temperature, load, alignment, & more.

200+ million tire miles of data analyzed

Data is fed into Revvo’s AI engine.

Detections customized by passenger vehicles, light-duty fleets, and heavy-duty long-haul fleets.

Models find irregularities and behavioral changes.

Reduced technician time & vehicle downtime

Identifies tires needing service, repair, replacement.

Predicts impact on tire life.

Real-time, automated reports & dashboards

Actionable recommendations to:

Reduce tire cost
Improve safety
Increase uptime
Improve compliance

A range of Revvo products using TireIQ


TireIQ event, alert, and insight generation passed back as an API endpoint.


The power of TireIQ behind the Revvo Dashboard, a full management, report, and alert solution.


The most sophisticated smart tire solution. Combines TireIQ, Dashboard, and Pro sensors.

What can Revvo do for your fleet?

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