AI Powered Tire Management Software for Tire Retailers and Distributors

Visibility of a tires lifecycle once it leaves the warehouse or retail showroom typically stops as soon as the tire leaves the property. Many customers are never seen or heard from again, and the communications that you do get can be limited in the information that it is able to provide you. With the Revvo AI-Powered machine learning tire management application you can follow a tires journey in real-time - providing a much better customer experience, and ultimately earning more business.


Provide a better customer experience

Any tire retail location can stand apart from their competitors by providing support that seems too good to be true. To see into the future and predict when and where a tire is likely to need service or fail. With the Revvo AI-powered platform this is the data you will have. Whether a tire needs to be repaired, replaced, or serviced, Revvo monitors each tire in real-time. Revvo delivers that valuable data to retailers to proactively provide products and services. Ultimately, this leads to delighted customers that become advocates for the experience your brand can provide, powered by Revvo Technologies.

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Expand your revenue with a Tire as a Service Model

Because Revvo monitors your tires every mile of a vehicle's journey, you can explore and expand your sales offerings to include Tires as a Service. Provide new and existing customers with a different model to buy tires. While ensuring your tires are being properly maintained, recorded, and managed. Whether you run an auto parts store, repair shop, or other tire business, being able to provide a cost-effective solution for your customers will expand your profitability and improve your customers experience.

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Customer experience

Get more complete customer experience data to improve retail tire sales

Revvo monitors and measures all the tires, on all the vehicles, all the time. This insight can be used to close the feedback loop between the tire's end customer and retail distributors or retail shops. This data can provide extremely useful information that can influence product marketing, positioning, and service by harnessing real-world complete data. Real-time relevant connections with your customers increases your consumers’ confidence, and ultimately leads to conversations more often, with more relevance, and provide an opportunities to delight your customer and increase your retail shops sales.

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