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Revvo Connected Tire Solution (CTS)

Driving new business for tire retailers. A persistent, useful connection to vehicles, linking your physical stores to Connected Tire Solution customers.
Computer screen and smartphone displaying vehicle management system.

Revvo CTS is for :

Automotive and repair services
Tire retailers and dealers
Vehicle dealerships

What if you knew what your tires were saying?

Is my driver safe with the current status of the tires?
Is there a problem with air pressure?
Is it time to rotate your tires?
What is the tread depth of your tires in real time?
When should I replace my tires?

Tire Pressure

Tread Depth

Critically Low Pressure
Leak Detected
New Insights Available

Empower your sales team to be proactive

To set up Revvo's Connected Tire Solution, simply click the Revvo signup link, log in using the vehicle manufacturer credentials, and connect the vehicle.

How does Revvo work for you and your customers?

  • Sales Fleet / Service Fleet remotely connects to vehicles.
  • When a tire event is predicted or detected (flat, puncture, low tread, etc.), Driver, Retailer, and FMC are notified.
  • Direct link to nearby Automotive Service Retailer (appointment, Free Flat Repair, Rotation, Balance, etc.).
  • Fleet vehicle back in service.
Three smartphones displaying tire service app for Ford Transit.

When you deploy CTS for your customer base, you'll see:

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Higher Customer Loyalty

Higher Transaction Revenue

Lower Customer Aquisition Cost

Computer screen and smartphone displaying vehicle management system.

Revvo Connected Tire Solution on TireIQ, your AI engine for tires, automated 24x7 without human intervention.

Revvo TireIQ is the artificial intelligence engine for tires, guiding fleet managers on tire health, safety, fuel efficiency, and more. It’s the richest dataset available to minimize vehicle downtime and tire costs. Custom dashboards and proactive alerts give you real-time recommendations and reports.

What can Revvo do for your fleet?

Schedule a demo to learn how Revvo can improve your fleet operations.
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