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What is Revvo?

Revvo is your 24/7 automated tire technician.
Revvo provides fleets real-time visibility, alerting, and reporting of every tire in your fleet that can affect vehicle and driver safety, such as - critically low pressure tires, punctures, leaks, and critically low tread.

AI Powered Insights

Revvo’s Artificial Intelligence engine, TireIQ™, delivers insights on remaining miles left on each tire, optimal time to service or rotate, and projected impact on fuel and tire spends.

Connect Your Tires

Revvo PRO connects to each tire remotely by pulling data from Vehicle OEM Tire pressure sensors or Revvo’s suite of tire sensors with data sent to an on-vehicle gateway.

Impact to Fleets

Fleets who use Revvo experience:


Reduced tire-related
events by


On-Road Tire Failures Reduced By

Fuel Efficiency

Increase of

Tire Life

Reduced tire-related
events by

Signup for as little as
$3 per vehicle/week.

*Additional upfront hardware costs may apply.
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