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Types of Fleet Vehicles

September 15, 2022
Revvo Technologies

A fleet vehicle belongs to a company, corporation, or government body and is used to transport goods or offer services. Around 23 million vehicles were made for commercial use worldwide in 2021.

Types of fleet vehicles, vehicle maintenance, and tire management are all critical factors in the fleet vehicle industry. 

If you’re interested to learn more about this topic, stick with us to explore the various kinds of fleet vehicles.

Car Rental Fleets

Car rentals use fleets, and their collection usually consists of hundreds of vehicles. You can find them near airports, hotels, and car mechanics. The reasoning is simple – people usually only rent cars out of necessity, not desire.

Car rental fleets can come in all forms, including:

  • Sedans;
  • SUVs; 
  • Convertibles; 
  • Minivans; 
  • Pickup trucks, and many more. 

All you need to rent a car from one of these fleets is to provide a valid driver’s license and payment method. Before renting, ensure the company takes care of its vehicles and uses tire management for fleets.

Box Truck Fleets

Box Truck Fleets

Cargo trucks are majorly popular due to their efficiency, as well as their availability. The cargo area of these trucks can be anywhere from 10 to 26 feet, which makes them perfect for transporting objects like appliances and furniture.

These trucks are most commonly known as moving trucks because that’s their primary use. Most companies don’t rely only on these types of trucks but add variety to the truck fleet selection.

Refrigerator Truck Fleets

Refrigerator trucks are comparable to box trucks, with one prime difference – they use a refrigerated cargo space. They are used to ship goods – usually food and beverages – that you need to keep at a particular temperature. Drivers can cool them with ice or even dry ice.

While some companies own refrigerator truck fleets for transporting goods, most outsource the shipping to companies dedicated to it. Those companies have experience in vehicle management, maintenance, and tire management for fleets, so there will be no issues in the transport.

Semi Truck Fleets

Semi-trucks are more commonly called 18-wheelers. Companies use these trucks to transport the largest and heaviest goods, usually over long distances. Semi-truck fleets are almost exclusively operated by companies specialized in using them because they take so much time and attention.

The logistics and maintenance that go into managing an entire semi-truck fleet leave little time for anything else, which is why these fleets are more scarce and more difficult to obtain.

Tank Truck Fleets

Tank trucks, also known as gas trucks, are specifically designed to carry liquids and gases. Because of the variety of goods these trucks transport, they come in many different versions. They can be insulated and non-insulated, pressurized and non-pressurized, and single and multiple loads. 

While these trucks have many applications, they are most commonly used to transport gasoline and chemicals and are recognizable by the flammable and dangerous chemical signs. Because they’re weighty and carry such hazardous materials, tire management for fleets is crucial.

Revvo Technologies: The Best Vehicle Management For Fleets

Whatever the type of vehicle, tire management is vital in transporting goods and services. You should get contactless monitoring to ensure your fleet tires are working correctly and won’t leave you stranded on the road.

We at Revvo Technologies offer the latest IT solutions for businesses operating with fleets and can significantly reduce cost per mile by boosting your tires’ lifespan.

Reach out online or call us for any questions, and we’ll provide you with expert vehicle management ASAP!

Revvo — Your AI Tire Management Solution

Reducing friction isn’t just between tire and road, but between data collection and analysis. With rich analytics from AI such as Revvo’s TireIQ, fleet managers are finding ways to improve performance, safety, and uptime on the road. The result is lower costs for fleets of all types.

Looking to increase your performance, safety and uptime? With analysis from 375 billion data points, Revvo is ready to share useful insights for your fleet. See a demo today.

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