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Top Tips on How to Manage Tires for Optimal Miles

November 16, 2022
Revvo Technologies

Owning a fleet means more than just having the option to use it whenever, wherever. Maintaining vehicles requires time, dedication, and money. According to statistics, in 2021, U.S. citizens spent nearly $194.9B on auto maintenance services, including repair and tire management. When it comes to your fleet, tires are the most used parts of your vehicles. Tire management for last mile fleets helps prolong the durability of your worn-out tires before the rubber hits the asphalt completely. Proceed below to learn how to make your tires last longer.

Pump Up Your Tires

Managing Tire Pressure is Paramount

Tires for any motor vehicle need proper inflation to run as advertised. However, overinflating or underinflating your tires can lead to premature tearing and wearing out faster. To ensure your tires are always inflated appropriately, use a tire gauge, and inspect the tire pressure monthly. Be extra vigilant in checking the tire pressure before you go on long trips or when hauling extra loads. Have drivers check the tire pressure every two to four weeks, before long journeys, and when you carry a heavy load. Ensure they’re cool first, and wait at least three hours after your last drive. 

Keep Tire Balance in Check

Tires that are off balance do more than cause irritating vibrations while driving. Imbalanced tires also cause an uneven tread that can further lessen your fleet’s tires’ lifespan.Tires that aren’t balanced well can also be the cause for early replacement. To ensure your they’re balanced, have them checked regularly with an electronic spin balancer.

Make Tire Alignment a Priority

If a vehicle’s tires are improperly aligned, they will suffer irreparable damage. They will tear unevenly, which can be another cause for premature tire replacement. An unaligned car can cause other mechanical issues that can impact tire performance. So, to ensure your tires run smoothly, consider equipping your mechanics with precise CA (computer-assisted) machines to align your tires.

Practice Frequent Rotations

Given that a car’s wheels withstand different levels of force depending on their position on the vehicle, your tires might suffer from uneven tread wear. If you keep your car’s manual, see the manufacturer’s recommendations on tire rotations. Regularly rotating your tires as recommended (or after 5,000 miles of driving) can help your tires perform as needed. It can also spare them from uneven tread wear. 

Less Resistance is Crucial

The amount of energy your tires use to stay in a moving mode is called rolling resistance. It is an aspect that conditions your car’s fuel consumption, too. Choose tires that encompass low-rolling resistance and expect to save on gas and prolong your tires’ lifespan to the max. 

Revvo: Tire Management for Last Mile Fleets

As the leading AI-driven tire management solution, Revvo offers superb tire management for last mile fleets, car rental management, and AI truck and trailer tire management. Get in touch with us and upgrade your fleet with some of our top products!

Revvo — Your AI Tire Management Solution

Reducing friction isn’t just between tire and road, but between data collection and analysis. With rich analytics from AI such as Revvo’s TireIQ, fleet managers are finding ways to improve performance, safety, and uptime on the road. The result is lower costs for fleets of all types.

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