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Benefits of Revvo AI Tire Management in Trucks and

Fleet management can be demanding, even for the most experienced manager or owner. You have to inspect your fleet before and after every trip, repair or replace damaged components, and service and maintain the vehicles regularly to ensure they are in top shape. All these tasks are costly and time-consuming.
One component many fleets overlook during a routine inspection is the tires. Without proper tire management, your vehicles are bound to break down now and then. Fortunately, Revvo is here to help with their AI tire management system tailored for trucks and trailers. Read below to find out how it works!

Revvo AI Tire Management in Trucks

Truck owners and fleet managers can benefit significantly from using the Revvo AI tire management system. Here are some of the reasons you should enforce this advanced monitoring system for your trucks:
  • Maximize Uptime
The Revvo AI tire management system eliminates manual monitoring and inspections, allowing your technicians to focus on more productive tasks. It saves up to 90% of the time required for manual check-ups, leading to improved uptime and productivity. Revvo also works with your tire vendors and service providers to ensures your tires are in top condition, enhancing your available hours of operation.
  • Reduced Roadside Service Calls
Worn-out tires account for over 50% of breakdowns, mainly among vehicles that are always on the road. Roadside service calls can be costly and time-consuming, especially when they happen all the time. The Revvo AI monitoring system can help you determine when to repair, replace, or service your tires before they get put on the road and cause another Roadside service call.
  • Enhanced Compliance
Pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections are mandatory in most industries as they go a long way to prevent or reduce incidents on our roads. However, manual fleet inspections can be challenging and time-consuming, leading to unnecessary downtime. Fortunately, the Revvo AI tire monitoring system can help you be more compliant by facilitating automated pre-trip and post-trip truck inspections delivered to you and your service providers.
  • Extend The Life Of Tire Casings
Pressure loss, irregular wear, temperature changes, and underinflation can damage your casings and lead to early tire replacement. The Revvo system monitors your tires’ pressure, temperature, footprint, revolution quality and analyzes how each tire and casing can be maximized.

Revvo AI Tire Management in Trailers

The Revvo AI tire monitoring system is equally efficient for trailers. Here are a few reasons you should implement it for your trailer assets.
  • Catch Tire Issues Pre-Dispatch
Nothing is as dangerous as driving your trailers with flat or worn-out tires. Damaged or deflated tires are risky and pose serious dangers to other road users. Fortunately, the Revvo AI system can help you catch any issue long before hitting the road.
  • Reduced Roadside Service Calls
The Revvo AI tire management system monitors your tires in real-time and submits data 24/7. With instant alerts, your driver, dispatch or fleet manager can take appropriate action to prevent possible accidents and asset damage.
  • Be More Compliant (Pre-And Post-Trips)
You must ensure your trailers are in good condition before rolling down the road, and you can achieve this through regular manual inspections. The Revvo tire management platform can help your operation be more compliant with automated remote pre-trip and post-trip tire inspections sent to you and your tire vendors to action on during yard checks.
  • Extend Tire Casings Lifespan
The condition of your tire casings depends on factors such as vehicle pressure, temperature changes, and irregular wear. Failure to monitor these aspects can lead to early tire replacement. You can avoid this by using the Revvo tire management system to monitor every trailer tire and have your tire vendors act on the alerts sent via Revvo on tire conditions needing service.

Automate Your Tire Monitoring with Revvo

The Revvo AI tire management system is a must-have for fleet managers and business owners. This platform automatically monitors your tires and inspects your vehicle’s overall condition, preventing costly damage and unnecessary repairs.
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