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Tire Management Software for Last Mile Fleets

A large portion of operating costs for last-mile fleets go into purchasing, retreading, and maintenance of tires. Tires are essential assets and not expendable commodities. As such, managing them is an essential part of your business.
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Build a Tire Management Policy

Operations managers and transport managers of last-mile fleets have their work cut out for them. The key to successful tire management is to have an effective tire management policy that will ensure that different tire needs are assessed and maintained for optimized performance.
Assess, analyze, and record the current status of tires. It is good to establish a baseline for performance.
Keep a proper tire maintenance schedule.
Use appropriate tires for different road conditions.
Put in place an excellent retreading program.
Monitor their status closely.
This monitoring is best done with effective tire management software for last-mile fleets. Revvo's AI-automated monitoring checks your fleet's real-time performance, ensuring that tires are at their optimum levels. After all, they last longer when they are adequately monitored and maintained. This translates to more significant cost savings for any company. If you'd like to partake in these savings, learn more about our software today.

Benefits of an Effective Tire Management Software for Last Mile Fleets

The advantages of using the Revvo tire management software for last-mile fleets truly make this program worth the investment.

Reduced Downtime

Tires are kept at their peak of performance with continuous Al monitoring. Tire-related problems are cut down by almost 50% with an Al System in place. The reduced downtime makes the company more productive, spends less on unexpected
repairs and replacements, and increases bottomline profits altogether.

Improved Performance

Better performance is expected from well-maintained tires. An improved performance correlates to increased productivity.

Reduced Downtime

Revvo paves the way for transport managers to extend the life of tires by as much as 30%. Knowing exactly when a repair is needed and being repaird with the right parts required significantly improves the tire's life.

Increased Inspection Efficiency

Revvo automates the tire checking process of technicians and routinely runs the check with 15% less time than a manual check calls for.

Longer lasting tires

Fleet operations put a pound of importance on the longevity of tires. This is a crucial element in cost savings.

Increased tire replacement efficiency

Real-time collection of data form the tires' usage gives relevant maintenance recommendations.


The Revvo AI tire management software for last-mile fleets is the best choice to track your tires' performance. It's easy to install and comes with many features that fleet managers will find convenient. Revvo sensors placed inside the tire gather pertinent information on driver behavior, tire wear, load, and many other details that help make them the best decisions for tire management.
To learn more about how you can improve the tire performance of your last-mile fleet, contact Revvo today.
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