Revvo in Retreaders

Replacing worn-out tires can be expensive and out of reach for many fleet owners. It can leave a massive dent in your company’s cash flow if you have to replace several tire casings within the same period.

Fortunately, retreading can help cut tire replacement expenditure by saving 20% in material costs. Moreover, the process preserves over 90% of the material in worn-out or used tires, making it economical and eco-friendly. The purpose of retreading is to remanufacture worn-out treads to extend the life of your tires. It revamps the tire through curing, giving it a new tread pattern.

However, this process is not as easy as it seems. It calls for thorough inspections before the remanufacture commences. It also requires various tools and equipment to determine which tires need a retread. This is where the significance of the Revvo AI tire management system comes into play.

Here is a breakdown of how the Revvo platform can help re-treaders accomplish their job quickly and without any hitches and improve fleet management.

A better understanding of casing life

Retreading is an intricate process that demands a thorough understanding of the use of the tire casing before the remanufacturing process begins. The primary goal is to understand what was happening to the tires while they were in use and not just when they come back for retreading.

Unfortunately, tracking and monitoring tires manually can be expensive and time-consuming. To understand their condition, the inspectors have to check the casings before and after trips. The time spent conducting inspections can negatively impact productivity and cost.

The Revvo AI tire management platform can automate and streamline your inspections, improving efficiency, saving time, and cutting unnecessary repair and replacement costs. The system captures data pre and post trips, helping your personnel better understand what was happening to the casing while it was in use.

Improve service delivery

Improving the service side of the business is critical to enhancing efficiency, attracting new customers, and growing revenue. Conducting fleet checks in person is time-consuming and tiresome since your technicians have to inspect every tire in the yard for damage and issues to establish which ones require repairing, retreading, or replacing.

The Revvo AI tire management platform makes everything easy by facilitating remote monitoring and inspections. You do not have to go to the yard to check your customers' tires since the system does everything from the comfort of your office. The platform sends real-time alerts via SMS, email, or API so that you can know your next course of action. With real-time data at your disposal, the Revvo platform goes a long way to improve service efficiency.

Fast and Straightforward Installation

The Revvo AI tire management system streamlines all your tire maintenance processes, including retreading. The platform automates tire checks and supports real-time monitoring, saving about 15% of the time needed for manual inspections.

That’s not all. With the Revvo system, installations are fast and straightforward. A small section repair on your tires is equivalent to a patch, allowing you and your team to concentrate on other valuable and more productive tasks.

Bottom Line

The Revvo AI tire management platform is a must-have for re-treaders, fleet managers, and owners. The system monitors your tires in real-time to ensure your vehicles are safe and in excellent condition.

Revvo uses artificial intelligence to determine how far your tires can go safely before requiring retreading or replacements, based on data captured from vehicle usage and the tire itself. With this platform by your side, you can rest assured that you won’t be replacing your tires anytime soon. If you have to, you’ll replace them with retreaded tires with the aid of the Revvo system.
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