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Managing a Rental fleet is not an easy job, espcially in today's climate of vehicle shortages, labor shortages, and extended vehicle use in fleet.

Many investors are reluctant to pump their money into the rental car industry because of the challenging enviornment for generating profitability. Moreover, fewer people are willing to work in management and vehicle preparation positions because of the magnitude of the tasks involved, meaning business operators have to dig deeper into their pockets to outsource these tasks.

As far as customer service is concerned, clients expect better services as even the slightest issue can lead to a poor rental experience, subsequently impacting the company’s overall revenue.

By adopting the Revvo AI Tire Management System, you can say goodbye to the challenges affecting your car rental service. Here is a breakdown of how the Revvo platform can help solve these issues and add value to your business. Keep reading to find out more.

How Revvo Can Help Overcome Challenges in the Rental Car Industry

The rental car industry faces three main challenges. Fortunately, the Revvo AI tire management platform can help resolve these issues and restore your business on track. Here’s how Revvo can help overcome these challenges:
  • Shortage Of Vehicles
One of the main challenges car rental businesses face is the shortage of vehicles. The scarcity arises from the number of cars grounded from flat tires and other related issues. This problem often takes a toll on the remaining vehicles, leading to more wear and tear since they have to spend longer on the road.

Moreover, repairing, servicing, and replacing grounded units is usually more expensive, which can negatively impact your profitability. Every grounded vehicle translates to lost revenue.

The Revvo platform can overcome this issue quickly and effortlessly. The system monitors your vehicle in real-time, helping you catch any problems before they happen or deteriorate. By doing so, Revvo can reduce downtimes from flat or worn-out tires by 50%. It also improves tire maintenance by 70%, preventing unnecessary repairs and boosting revenue.
  • Shortage Of Labor
Rental companies have to inspect all their vehicles before and after trips. Unfortunately, this process is usually manual and time-consuming. Not many people are willing to go through the hassle of checking dozens of vehicles because of the workload.

With fewer employees to conduct the inspections, business owners have to outsource the task, which is expensive and can affect the company’s bottom line.

The Revvo system is here to change all that. This platform automates all your car tire inspection processes, reducing the time and workload to complete the checkup. The Revvo system also issues real-time alerts to the personnel in charge to pre-plan for any repairs or replacements.
  • Customer Service
The primary objective of any rental company is to give the customer a memorable experience. The client expects zero concerns after renting your car. However, the slightest tire issue can always lead to a poor rental experience, impacting your future income. The Revvo tire management system will notify your customers of any pending tire issues and can automatically help schedule a switch-out to prevent possible catastrophes.

Bottom Line

The rental car industry can be a lucrative business if you know how to manage your fleet. One area you must never overlook in fleet management is your vehicles’ tires. Flat tires can cause downtimes, reduce your income, and halt your vehicle rental business.

Fortunately, adopting the Revvo AI tire management system can help improve your fortunes, reducing downtimes and service calls, enhancing inspection efficiency, and extending the lifespan of your tires and casings. The platform automatically monitors your tires and inspects your vehicle’s overall condition, preventing costly damage and unnecessary repairs.
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