Revvo Technologies Provides Integration to Fleetio Allowing Thousands of Fleets to Easily Integrate Revvo’s Advanced Real-Time Tire Alerts and Predictive Analytics

Revvo Technologies has completed the integration of its advanced tire management platform with Fleetio, the leading fleet management software provider. This allows thousands of fleets around the world to easily connect their vehicles and drivers with Revvo's industry-leading safety and performance insights.
Revvo Technologies
September 28, 2022


Revvo Technologies, a Silicon Valley based advanced smart tire technology and predictive data analytics company, announced today that it has completed the integration of its advanced real-time alerts and predictive analytics platform with, a leading fleet management software provider. This allows thousands of fleets around the world to easily connect their vehicles and drivers with Revvo’s industry-leading safety and performance insights.

Revvo’s unique solution combines real-time monitoring of tire health and performance with predictive analytics, powered by TireIQ, an advanced machine learning process, to help fleets avoid costly breakdowns and improve driver safety. The integration with Fleetio will make it even easier for fleets to take advantage of Revvo’s technology and insights, by providing them with a single platform to manage all their vehicles and drivers. The integration enables a fleet’s tires to automatically create issues and work orders whenever an issue or predicted service event is detected.

Revvo Technologies is focused solely on tire performance and behavior. Creating a way to automate tire inspection and data collection, giving clients 24/7 remote visibility into the condition of every tire in their fleet. Revvo delivers real-time alerts, reports, and predictive analytics to maximize operational efficiency, improve the safety of your fleet and team and ultimately, reduce tire and tire-related expenses.

“Fleetio has always been passionate about making it easy for our customers to manage a fleet. By adding Revvo to Fleetio’s robust integration directory, mutual customers will be able to receive vital insight into their remote tire management, in addition to managing their entire maintenance lifecycle in one place,” says Meghan Saunders, Partner Marketing Manager at Fleetio.

“We’re excited to partner with Fleetio and provide their customers with our powerful real-time alerts and predictive analytics,” said Sunjay Dodani, CEO of Revvo Technologies. “This integration will help fleets improve safety, reduce costs, and optimize operations.”

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About Revvo: Revvo is a real-time remote tire management solution that provides visibility into the status and condition of a vehicle’s tires by making them smart and connected. This allows operators and drivers to increase vehicle uptime, optimize operational efficiency and improve safety.

About Fleetio: Fleetio builds simple, collaborative software that helps fleets of all sizes track, analyze and improve fleet operations. Fleetio’s web- and mobile-based technology enables fleet managers, drivers, mechanics and vendors to access and update fleet data in real-time and get actionable insights like total cost of ownership. Visit us at

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