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Tire Manufacturers
Getting critical tire data for manufacturers has historically relied on testing, reporting, and a fair amount of professional determination. This ensures that your company is often acting in reaction to items that become significant enough to stick out. Using Revvo tire management services you are able to utilize AI-powered machine learning capabilities and analyze data in real-time, with much more thorough results.

Expand your revenue with a Tire as a Service Model

Because Revvo monitors your tires every mile of a vehicle's journey, you can explore and expand your sales offerings to include Tires as a Service. Provide new and existing customers with a different model of delivery, but ensure your tires are being properly maintained, recorded, and managed.

Get more complete user-centric data for product development and improvements

Revvo monitors and measures all the tires, on all the vehicles, all the time. These insights can be used to close the feedback loop between the tire's end customer and the Tire Manufacturer. This data can provide extremely useful information that can influence future product development by harnessing real-world complete data.

Streamline your tire checks and supercharge your service team

Tire manufacturers can stand apart from their competitors by providing support that seems too good to be true. To see into the future and predict when and where a tire is likely to need service or fail. With the Revvo AI-powered platform this is the data you will have to differentiate. Whether a tire needs to be repaired, replaced, or serviced, Revvo monitors each tire in real-time and provides that valuable data to be able to proactively provide products and services.

Warranty claims can now be simple, fair, and automatic

Revvo monitors your tire every mile of a vehicle's journey. This analyzes the vehicle and driver's behavior to allow you to quickly see if a claim is qualified. Delight your customers and provide them a frictionless customer service experience that is fair for all parties involved.

Customized Alerts

Real-time alerts to users on critical tire events like abnormal tire wear, slow leaks, blowouts, high temperatures - sent via SMS, email, or API.

Tread Life Protection

Artificial intelligence that determines how much further each tire can go safely based on data captured from the tire, vehicle usage, and drivers.

Realtime Tire Status

Connected tire providing operators the necessary information to ensure vehicles are on safe and performant tires.

Automated Tire

Automated capture of tire data for pre and post trip tire inspections and preventative maintenance (PM) efforts.

Tire Maintenance

Automated maintenance recommendations based on tire conditions, usage, and wear.

Data for Fleet

Touchpoint report for each tire in the fleet, detailing health & status, install date, and all service performed on each tire.

Load Detection

Real-time alerts & historical reporting for tires with excessive load. Know when a tire is at risk of being overloaded.

Tire Identification

Repository of OEM data, open recalls, install date, current tire position, and more for all active tires.

Driver Behavior

Understand the impact of aggressive driving on each tire. See the effects caused by hard acceleration, braking, cornering, and impacts.

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