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Has your DSP been grounded on the LaunchPad due to tire issues?

Prevent grounding and be the first to know if your tires will cause avoidable downtime with Revvo LITE. Receive a text like you do from CO whenever you have a tire issue.

Revvo Lite

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What is Revvo?

Revvo connects to your DSP vehicles remotely through Amazon and Geotab and provides real-time visibility, alerting, and reporting of every tire in your fleet that can affect vehicle and driver safety, such as - critically low pressure tires, punctures, leaks, and critically low tread.

Vehicle tire monitoring app interface on smartphones.
Cloud graphic with numerical data and "TireIQ" logo.

AI Powered Insights

Revvo is an AI-powered fleet management software platform to automatically connect, monitor, and manage vehicle tires.

Revvo’s artificial intelligence engine, TireIQ™, gives insights on remaining miles left on each tire, optime time to service or rotate, and projected impact on fuel and tire spends.

Connect Your Tires

Revvo LITE pulls tire data directly in real time from Geotab. No hardware installation required.

Mechanic inflating car tire.

Connect Your Providers

Get proactive service by sending your tire vendors the insights to act on alerts and avoid urgent repairs.

Impact to Fleets

Fleets who use Revvo experience:
Reduced tire-related events by
On-Road Tire Failures Reduced By
Fuel Efficiency
Increase of
Tire Life
Increase by
Signup for as little as
$3 per van/week.
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