Customer Success: Fleet Highlight 

Angell Parcel

Last Mile Delivery

So far while using the Revvo, we have not grounded a vehicle for any tire issues.
-Nathan, Fleet Maintenance Planner, Angell Parcel


Last mile delivery companies have a unique challenge when it comes to tire safety, and only a brief window of opportunity to address them. This is no different for Angell Parcel, if they miss this opportunity, they can possibly lose the route for the day and that van can be removed from service until repaired. In addition, Angell Parcel employs a person whose partial job responsibility is to check tires on all 25 vans, everyday.

Action Taken

Angell Parcel deployed Revvo across all vans with two main goals in mind, freeing up key team members to do other things on a daily basis instead of checking tires and with the goal of being proactive on all tire issues to avoid having vans taken out of service.


Angell Parcel has been proactive on any tire related notifications from Revvo giving them time to plan the best course of action. Revvo notifications have allowed Angell Parcel to coordinate with contracted mobile tire installers overnight service to minimize unscheduled downtime. In addition, Angell Parcel has signed up their mobile tire installers to receive notifications resulting in the vendor being on site before Angell Parcel team members know there is a problem.

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