Facundo Tassara

Head of Customer Success, Facundo has been in the automotive industry for 20 years. His experience includes managing an automotive repair and body shop, managing government fleets, and consulting for automotive technology startups. When he is not doing something automotive related, he is most likely watching or playing soccer.

Stories by Facundo

Tire Management

Overloading - More to it than just Weight

Weather conditions have a significant effect on the wear and tear of your fleet's tires. Learn more about the risks of wet trash and poor tire care.

Tire Management

Tread Depth – Depth Matters

Understanding how tread is being consumed and the maintenance actions we can take to extend tread life is critical to safety and controlling tire...

Tire Management

TPMS – What Happens Before the Warning Light

Tire pressure has an impact on your tires and the way they perform. Ignoring basic tire maintenance can have a much bigger consequence down the road.

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