About Us

Revvo is committed to making the entire experience about tires easy and informative. We are a team passionate about tires and great customer experience.

Our technology was created to minimize the guess work and stress that comes with tire management in order to keep operators and drivers on the road. We know most operators are not tire experts nor do they want to be, so we developed an automated way to monitor and inform owners on the status and predicted life of their tires. Our belief is simple, make the best solutions that help our customers manage their tires.

Revvo's mission is to monitor and safely maximize the life of every tire on the road.
We believe that tires need to join the digital age and our platform is enabling this to happen.

"If a tire could speak, what would it say?"

Our founding principle is that data is the key that unlocks actionable insight. Our technology combines cutting edge IoT sensors, AI and machine learning models, and tire research to create a unique tire data platform.

This platform helps operators, owners, and drivers know the status and predicted remaining life of each tire. Tire management should be stress-free, objective, and trustworthy.